Emergency Flood Service

thumbs_water_damageDo you need help with a water emergency right away? As a leading restoration of water extraction company in West Hills, you can trust the emergency flood team to provide emergency response 24 hours a day seven days a week anytime you require environmental restoration services. Get in touch right away (818) 671-0211

  • Water Extraction & Dryout
  • Wind & Storm Damage Restoration
  • Mold Control
  • Fire Damage Cleanup
  • Direct Insurance Billing 100%

You don’t have to go if the company that your insurance company recommends. You’re always better off finding your own help!

You don’t need to call around West Hills, California interviewing contractors that don’t have enough skills for your job. Honestly, time is of the essence.

The biggest mistake homeowners in West Hills businesses make when approaching water damage is not dealing with the problem right away. The longer you wait, the more damage your property will suffer. Most water damages are completely reversible within 24 hours, however, After this critical windows on many damages become permanent. If you don’t seek help right away, be prepared to totally ripped place your carpets, throwaway insulation, throwaway valuable furnishings, battle mold and bacteria populations and generally spend more money and time. Most insurance companies don’t cover damages caused by delay. Why wait? Call us now (818) 671-0211

Mistake #1 Going with the company your insurance company picks.

Insurance companies are in the business to save as much money as possible at your expense. Usually, your insurance company is going to pick the lowest bidder, normally a company without proper certification or that uses sub-contracted employees and doesn’t have the experience that you deserve. You may not know that you, as an insurance customer, have the right to pick your own water restoration company. We hope you pick Wessels emergency flood team, frankly because we have more experience and better equipment than the competition. And, with the best response times in Southern California (60 minutes or less!), you never have to wait while a second rate twiddles their thumbs.

Mistake #2 Going with a water damage franchise of a big company

Yes, these guys have impressive websites and try to dazzle you with YouTube videos and impressive pictures, but the people actually arriving on your property have nothing to do with the company that markets their services. Many of these franchise companies located throughout Southern California are not equipped to meet the needs of a real water damage situation.

West Hills emergency flood team is one of the few locally-owned, West Hills specific companies. With local employees, the Emergency Flood Team has the sophisticated equipment and the proper certification to solve big problems, fast.

We bill your insurance directly and are there for you 24/7. When you call us you won’t get transferred to a corporate hotline that wastes precious minutes directing your call. We pick up the phone and our trucks are out the door within 15 minutes of your call. We guarantee on-site arrival within an hour.

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