Fire Damage


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If you experience the trauma of an emergency fire, you understand the difficulty in dealing with damage restoration. After experiencing the loss of a house fire or smoke in your West Hills, California place of business, it is best to begin cleanup as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage from soot and ash residue. Use the following Westfield Emergency Food Team tips to begin your cleanup process: (818) 671-0211

  • Always proceed with safety in mind. Use gloves and the dusk masks as he works.
  • Make sure to open the doors and windows of your home to drive out excess dust and I’m strict particulates.
  • Start from the top and work your way down as you remove snow damages from ceilings, fixtures and walls.
  • Any fine clothing should be dry cleaned at a cleaners and is familiar with fire damage cleaning processes. Some less delicate items that are machine washable should be washed with a mild alkaline cleaner to neutralize the acid in soot.
  • If you have Burnice and exterior walls, these can be cleaned with detergent and a soft personal brush pressure washing from the bottom of the wall for the top and rinsing off detergent from top to bottom. If damages and residue are heavy, you should always hire professional who has advanced knowledge of restoration. You may actually cause more damage in the circumstances but using over-the-counter products.
  • If the fire has worked structural element, immediately contact us date contractor like the restoration specialist at West Hills emergency flood damage.

Use the following timeline to minimize damages to your West Hills home or business. (818) 671-0211

1  Within minutes: acidic residues from site cause white plastic yellow and porous materials to permanently discolor

2  Within hours: A sick residues for this thing grouting bathroom, uncoated metals and cause countertops two yellow. Many finishes on your plans this bestially refrigerators will tarnish as well. Some furniture finishes may also be subject to discoloration.

3  Within days: acid residues can further Cause painted walls to yellow permanently, minimill objects in your homework road pit and rest, wood furniture will require scaling and re-staining, vinyl flooring will require replacement, clothing becomes unsalvageable he sustained an upholstery stains settle permanently

4  Within weeks: restoration costs will escalate enormously, causing Synthetic carpet fibers to be permanently damage, silver corrosion, glass, Crystal and China experience etching or pitting calls from fund exposure to acidic residues.

As you may already know, after combustion, soot and ash settle on objects within your home creating a lacquer like residue they may be impossible to move even with professional help. That’s why it is key that you immediately contact a cleaning and restoration professional after exposure to fire damage.

You can trust the fire restoration professionals a West Hills Emergency Food Team will always carry up-to-date specialized training, appropriate safety certifications, experience with a large range of restoration projects throughout California and proper proof of insurance, license and bond. (818) 671-0211

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