Mold Damage

thumbnail27Mold only becomes a problem inside your West Hills, California business or place of residence understanding moisture humidity for a long period of time. High humidity and warm moist air condensing on a cool surface can trigger mold complications. If You recently experienced a sudden water damage and sent Mike a pipe bursting, flood or spell that was left untreated you may have a chronic mold issue. If you suspect mold it’s best to have it violated to remove a certified professional. Call us for help at (818) 671-0211

Here are some signs that you may have mold growing in your West Hills property:

  • Musty smell
  • Pooling moisture in dark, cool areas of your basement
  • Allergy symptoms similar to those described for mold: itchy eyes, recurring headache, hay fever-like symptoms
  • Visible mold growth

Under the right conditions, e.g. moisture, mold can grow anywhere. If you see growth on paintable services, you should also be concerned about what’s crying on the opposite side of the wall. Interior spaces create the perfect environment for follow growth. If your wall, ceiling or carpet has been wet for a long period of time, you can nearly be guaranteed that mold is growing on the backside of the surface and is worse than what is visible. One small infestation has proceeded to this level, containing interesting mold spores and throw cleaning accompanied by attempted salvaging of frame are your best options.

West Hills Emergency Flood Team mold removal professionals have the training and experience to:

  • Identify All potential moisture sources
  • Evaluate mold spores and identify species (visible or merely suspected closed parentheses
  • Containment and quarantine of damages and mold bodies to smallest area possible
  • Physical removal of contamination using dry-ice cold blasting protocols
  • Drawing of all surfaces to ensure mold prevention
  • Complete restoration of affected surfaces to return property to pre-loss condition

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